If you’ve somehow managed to get this far into the quarantine without turning your bedroom into an “everything room” (dining room, playroom, home office, etc.), we congratulate you. But for the rest of us, let’s just say our bedroom has seen better days.

Which is why we chose to focus this week’s trending decor on bringing some of that pizzazz back into your boudoir, with a little help from some of the hottest looks on Instagram. Here are five favorites from the ‘gram that will help you restore your bedroom to its days of pre-quarantine glory.

1. Bamboo bench

Can you imagine a bedroom bench that’s not just for epic piles of PJs? It’s difficult for us, too, so thank goodness for @rachelkathleen13, who reminds us of what could be with this gorgeous (and pile-free) bamboo bench at the end of the bed.

“Bamboo is a breezy summertime material that evokes a tropical feel,” says Vicki Liston of On the Fly DIY. “Too much bamboo in a room can come off a little too ‘Gilligan’s Island,’ so it’s better to reserve the bamboo for an accent piece, like a bench.”

Get the look: Go tropical (but not Gilligan) with this Alicia wicker bench from Wayfair.

2. Lush trellis canopy

Another way to bring some luxe back into your bedroom is with a unique canopy like this one featured by @magnolia_lane_.

“The trellis canopy looks like something you’d see on vacation, and creates a relaxing and bright bedroom retreat,” says designer Gavin Brodin of Brodin Design Build. “It would be perfect in a room with high ceilings, or in a studio apartment to create a cozy bed nook and add some definition.”

Get the look: Get to work with this garden arbor DIY to create the perfect trellis for your bedroom.

3. Minimalist Aztec bedding

“Aztec is everywhere right now,” says designer Kayla Goldstein of Kayla LLC. “It calls in the bohemian, the minimalist, and the chic—which is why it’s so popular. It also brings in color without being loud or breaking the peace.”

Don’t believe us? Just check out this Aztec bedspread featured by @bryonycritchley.

Get the look: Snag your very own Aztec comforter set from Target.

4. Peachy-keen sheets

There’s nothing like a fresh pop of color to revitalize a space, especially if that color is peach—like this bedding featured by @decor.by.dp.

“Want to be feminine but mature? Sweet but also sophisticated? Cute but gorgeous? Then peach linen is for you,” says Goldstein. “The peachiness lends a very chic air to the space, while the pink brings in that feminine side, which is a perfect balance for many people.”

Get the look: Shop your own peachy-keen sheets (without breaking the bank) with this organic solid duvet and sham set from Target.

5. Fresh aquamarine accents

If you’re not into peach, then maybe this aquamarine accent will delight you—especially when you see how amazing it looks on this bookcase featured by @chairishbydesign.

“Aquamarine is a very ‘in’ color right now because it brings in happiness and brightness without being jarring or loud,” says Goldstein. “I love using it as an accent wall, or in furniture, or even in textiles just to uplevel a room.”

Get the look: Repaint your favorite piece in aqua hues by picking up a can of Cool Aqua by Benjamin Moore.

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