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Have kids? Or pets? Don’t be afraid to give artificial grass a shot. Artificial grass is the best way to make a yard dog-proof and kid-proof because there’s no way they’re going to run around and tear up your grass. Plus, it requires zero upkeep on the weekends.

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Fab Foyer Looks on Instagram for the Days When We Can Entertain Again

Although you may not have had many guests floating through your foyer lately, that doesn’t mean you can’t spruce it up for the brighter days ahead. It might also help to make yourself feel a little better in these unprecedented times.Much like you, we find solace in...

The Property Brothers Reclaim a Playroom So the Family Can Enjoy It

“Property Brothers: Forever Home” stars Drew and Jonathan Scott are experts when it comes to making more space for family in a home—but what about making space for extended family?On the latest episode, “New Lease On Life,” homeowner Paola is living on her own now...

What’s the Weirdest Thing You’ve Cleaned at Home During Quarantine?

Whether we're officially sheltering in place or just sensibly staying at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, the inside of our homes is suddenly getting a lot of scrutiny.For some of us, this started out as a nice little reprieve from things like a daily commute or...